We Buy and Sell!

We buy and sell metal antiquities and travel throughout the U.S. looking for items.If you are looking for metal antiquities, petroliana, and metro industrial pieces, please contact us, as we might have it in an original or restored state or know where you can find one.
 First edition Gilbert and barker model 86 gas pump. Restored inside and out. $7500.00

1952 Whizzer, Original paint, new tires,coil and upgraded ignition $2000 SOLD

1920's gilbert and barker visible gas pump for sale/ $9500.00  SOLD
1950's eco tire flator for sale $2495.00  SOLD
1800's tool box converted to coffee table $350.00 - 36" wide, 63" long, 21" high- SOLD

inside- great storage

side view original bolts holding together

top- tongue and groove

front view
restored Wayne 60 gas pump $5500.00- SOLD


Theo Koch Barber Chair  $950.00     SOLD

Works as should. Tilts,swivels and pumps up and down. New upholstery, original ceramic green body and cream arms.

Coke cooler converted to a love seat  $1900.00 on sale $1600.00

New paint and upholstery